Thursday, July 3, 2014

Lt Colonel Frederick Hambright, my 6th great grandfather

Lt Colonel Frederick Hambright is my 6th great grandfather on my Paternal side. (Hambright, Dellinger, Flowers, Dean). Colonel Hambright was born 17 May 1727 in Mosbach, Neckar-Odenwald-Kreis, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany.

The Daughters of the American Revolution list Lt Colonel Frederick Hambright as Ancestor #: A049995. He is recognized for civil and Patriotic duty in the War for America's Independence.

Engagements, Campaigns, and Civil duty during the war;
Signer of the Tryon Resolves of August 14, 1775
Tryon County (N.C.). Committee of Safety August 14, 1775
Representative of Tryon County at the Third Provincial Congress 1775
The Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge February 27, 1776
Cherokee Expedition "Rutherford's Campaign" 1776
The Battle of Ramseur's Mill June 20, 1780
The Battle of Kings Mountain October 7, 1780,

Lt Colonel Frederick Hambright's Patriotic service came to an end on 7 October 1780. He was shot in the thigh while leading his South Fork Boys from Lincoln County NC in an attack on British Major Patrick Ferguson's Militia. Even after being severely wounded and losing a large quantity of blood, this brave 53 year old Patriot continued to lead his men until the Battle of Kings Mountain was won.

Lt Colonel Frederick Hambright left this world on 9 Mar 1817 in Grover, York, South Carolina. He is buried at the Old Shiloh Presbyterian Cemetery, not far from Kings Mountain Battle Ground.

This concludes my posting on my Heroes. Happy 4th of July!!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Jesse Boone NC Militia

I would like to begin by thanking Dorthy Mack of the Boone Society for helping me in my research of Jesse Boone, my 6th great grandfather on my paternal side. (Boone, Wilson, Plemmons)

"Jesse Boone, oldest child of Israel Boone, was born in 1748, either in Pennsylvania or Virginia; died in McMinn County, TN, about 1830; buried in the family graveyard at the old Homestead where he had lived, near Athens, TN.

Married about 1772, in Rowan County, NC, Sarah McMahan, daughter of James McMahan of Rowan County. From selected portions in Dr. Hodges' book, including additional quotes from Dr. Draper, in his "Notes on Jesse Boone", p. 197, the following:

'Jesse Boone was a son of Israel Boone, a brother of Col. Daniel Boone; and from notes left by Daniel's son Nathan and wife, 'Young Jesse was mainly raised by Daniel Boone and wife.'

In the book "My Father Daniel Boone" Nathan Boone said Jesse's parent's both died of "consumption" (Turbeculosis), and was raised by Daniel and Rebecca Boone. He also stated that Jesse always seemed unlucky and once broke his arm and another time his leg.

Daniel had married only two months after his brother Israel's death. And Jesse's granddaughter, Mrs. Sarah Henderson, said, "His parents dying when Jesse was young, he lived in Daniel Boone's family." Source: Descendants of Israel Boone, Alice H. Boone, 1969, McCann Publishing & Litho Co., Springfield, MO

The Daughters of the American Revolution list Jesse Boone as Ancestor #: A012107 for his Patriotic service in the War for America's Independence.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Lieutenant Colonel Richard C. Anderson, Patriot

Richard Clough Anderson was born 12 January 1750 in Hanover County Virginia.He is the son of Robert Anderson III and Elizabeth Clough. Richard is my 1st cousin 10x removed on my paternal side. (Anderson, Snelson, Plemmons, Dean)

Richard Clough Anderson was 25 years old when the Revolution began in 1775.He became a captain in the Virginia Continental Line On March 16, 1776,

Engagements and Campaigns participated in;

Valley Forge
The Battle of White Plains
The Battle of Trenton
The Battle of Brandywine
The Battle of Germantown
The Battle of Monmouth
The Battle of Savannah
The Battle of Charleston
The Battle of Yorktown

Lieutenant Colonel Richard C. Anderson was wounded twice during the war. At the battle of Trenton,Anderson was wounded in both thighs by a bullet from the large bore rifles carried by Hessian jagers. In 1779, at the siege of Savannah, Anderson led a charge on an enemy redoubt and was badly wounded by a blow from a British officer's sword.

Lieutenant Colonel Richard C. Anderson is listed by the Daughters of the American Revolution as Ancestor #: A002496.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Stephen Camp,Patriot

(Camp,Hambright, Dellinger, Flowers, Dean)
It is said that my 8th great grandfather Thomas CAMP III had a combined total of 8 sons and grandsons who fought at The Battle of Cowpens on January 17, 1781.
Stephen Camp was born @ 1771 in Rutherford NC. Stephen accompanied his older brothers to the Cowpens on the day of the battle, he was only 10 or 11 years of age. Stephen was too young to fight, so he was put in charge of holding his brother's horses during the fighting.
I have read that during the battle, some soldiers would jump off their horses, run into the woods and shoot at the enemy. They would then run back to their horses, reload, and then move to a different firing location.
While assisting his brothers,Stephen Camp was shot! He suffered with a disability due to this wound for the next 75 years of his life. He passed away in 1846.

Garland Anderson Delegate to the Continental Congress.

Garland Anderson is my 8th great granduncle on my Paternal side. (Anderson, Snelson, Plemmons, Dean)

Garland Anderson was born during the year of 1742 in Hanover County, Virginia. He is the son of  Bartelot Anderson  and Mary Cosby and the husband of Marcia Burbidge 

After Virginia's constitution was adopted in 1776 ,Patrick Henry was promptly elected  as the first elected governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Garland Anderson took Patrick Henry’s place as a member of the Virginia Congress.

The Daughters of the American Revolution list Garland Anderson as Ancestor # A002379 for his Patriotic service as Delegate to the Continental Congress.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Reverend Joseph Camp

The home of my 7th Great Grandfather on my paternal side, Reverend Joseph Camp. (Camp,Hambright, Dellinger, Flowers, Dean) Joseph was Born in Virginia, he is the son of Thomas Camp III and Winifred Starling . The home is said to have burned in 2008.

Rev. Joseph Camp was the first pastor of Buffalo Creek Baptist Church and a respected Doctor. It is said that his knowledge of herbs and their application saved the lives of many Revolutionary War soldiers that had been wounded in battle. Rev. Camp did not fight in the Revolution, instead, he chose to minister to people's souls and heal their physical ailments.

After the battle of Cowpens, Rev. Camp was suspected of being a Patriot spy and was taken prisoner, he was held for three days by Lord Charles Cornwallis . The British attempted to get information on the whereabouts of Patriot General Daniel Morgan and the British prisoners that had been captured at the battle of Cowpens. Rev. Camp was released from captivity after he did not reveal any information to his British captors.

Many years after the war, Rev. Camp and his wife Susannah Roundtree sold their property and moved to Pulaski County kentucky, where he passed away. Even at an advanced age, Rev.Camp desired to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and open new churches. 

Thomas Camp, Patriot

Thomas CAMP III is my 8th great grandfather on my paternal side. (Camp,Hambright, Dellinger, Flowers, Dean)
Thomas Camp III was born on 8 Feb 1717 in King and Queen County Virginia. Thomas was married twice, his first marriage was to Winifred Starling in 1737. His second marriage was to Margaret Carney in 1762, after the death of his first wife.
Thomas Camp III was a staunch Patriot. His property was burned by Tories when he lived at Camp Creek. The Daughters of the American Revolution list him as Ancestor # A018519. He is the father/grandfather of Patriots who fought against the British during the Revolution.
Thomas Camp III passed away circa 1798 near Island Ford in Rutherford County North Carolina.He is buried at the Camp Family Cemetery in Rutherford County